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Hello, we are EscolaSoft. We're a creative software house based in Gdańsk, Poland with a love for all web technology. We implement unique ideas of our clients and build long-lasting business relationships. Our clients are spread all over the world and in many sectors of the industry. We specialize in comprehensive IT solutions for small and medium enterprises.

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We provide comprehensive services from bespoke complex applications to straightforward websites.

  • Web Development

    Whichever you need, a new website or redesign of the existing one, it's all straightforward with us. With the support of cutting edge web technologies, your business will get a beautiful and well coded site.

  • Frontend

    Responsive Web Design, 60fps transitions and mobile apps has become a business standard. We develop user friendly, fast and efficient solutions for your business needs. 

  • Backend

    Implementing Content Management Systems is our day-to-day business. Except of that we can write you an API, bespoke application, b2b system or even intranet.

  • Content

    Need pictures for the website, 3d panoramas, crew portraits crew, a movie clip of your process or E-cart pack shots? We provide all audiovisual content as well as copywriting.

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Our Process

Our process if focused on client, his satisfaction and goals. Agile manifesto is our guide, "Individuals & interaction over process and tools" is motto that describe our workflow.

  • Strategy & Design

    We believe that the non-computer design stage is a foundation of every project. We'll meet to talk, exchange ideas, sketch and drink coffee until we come up with the best prototype, the one that will be used to create an optimal design.

  • Development

    You will be involved in every step of the development process. It’s to guarantee you get exactly what you wanted when the development is complete. We do our best to make your expectation come true.

  • Pre Launch

    Before launching we focus on testing each scenario in various environments. To get the best possible results we will get you involved in the tests.

  • Launch & Care

    The project is not finished after its launch. We assist you, help you understand and polish your product. The better product, the prouder we are.

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Escolasoft was created in 2019 as a result of the merger of Qunabu Interactive and Escola S.A.

Qunabu Interactive, was established in 2010 at the initiative of Mateusz Wojczal, eventually achieving the status of the company together with Monika Małachowska.

For many years, we have managed to maintain the friendly non-corporate nature of our company. Despite this, we are perceived as a serious player on the market. Every day we grow in strength and adapt to market changes.

We focus primarily on the client, his needs and goals. The Agile Manifesto is the determinant of our style of work, we put "people and interactions above processes and tools".

Our clients are spread all over the world and in many sectors of the industry. We specialize in comprehensive IT solutions for small and medium enterprises. We have been cooperating with a number of companies for many years.


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