Consulting IT

Software development is a process that significantly affects the growth and performance of a business. For that reason, it is important to plan it well and go through the full path of preparation and analysis of the data needed for the project. How to prepare well for the start of work on developing app for your business? The solution is IT consulting services, which Escola specialists will perform with you.

When are IT consulting services needed?

In fact, already at the stage of the creation of an idea for an application or a website, it is worth taking professional analytical efforts. This will help you very quickly work out the concept of the final version of the project and how to fulfill specific business needs.

One of the main reasons for failure in IT projects, is the lack of clearly defined goals. This not only leads to difficulty in finding the right identity for your app, but makes it difficult to find and efficiently execute the business needs the project is supposed to solve.

IT Consulting is a way to find the answer to what goal your company will achieve with the application and how it will accomplish it. This will give you the confidence that your idea will succeed in the planned field.

How does IT consulting services work?

A number of actions that can be carried out before starting a project allow it to run smoothly and reduce the risk of failure. What are these activities?

The main part of preparing to start design work, is to collect data and conduct its analysis. From the very beginning, it is worth asking yourself some important questions

It Consulting

 about the concept:

  • Do you know how much your app will cost?
  • What exactly will it do?
  • How will it perform its functions?
  • Will it respond to users' needs?
  • How will you tell customers or investors about it?
  • How will you promote it?

As you can see, the elements that boil down to a smoothly prepared software concept are many. On top of that, each of them needs to be described precisely, so as to avoid mistakes in the implementation phase. That's why consulting carried out as soon as the idea is conceived frees you from the risk of wasting time and resources.

Where to get relevant data for IT consulting services?

There are a wide variety of sources of information useful when developing a new concept. However, in a business context, the most important areas will be the specific areas to refine the idea and plan its implementation. What are these areas?

Company Research

Basic data about your business and its environment is the knowledge that defines the context for developing an idea. Often marketing, financial or sales factors can directly affect the final appearance and functionality of the app.

Customer Research

Whether the users of your software will be your customers or your employees, all the solutions you develop are created with business optimization in mind. Therefore, knowledge of your customers is the key to implementing a project that will make a real difference to your business. Efficiently conducted IT consulting will lead to clear answers about customers, their behavior and needs.

Competitive analysis

Competitors are an irreplaceable source of information. Comparing the patterns of action, results or activities in the area of similar software will allow you to avoid some mistakes, or effectively respond to the solutions they propose.


Finding a good benchmark and being able to compare an idea with a real life solution is invaluable to any analysis. It makes it easy to get context and relate to the actual market situation.

Customer segmentation

Prioritizing your audience by company size, market behavior, social media activity or purchase volume allows you to get a quick overview. This gives you a clear vision of future software users.

Buyer persona research

Buyer persona, created on the basis of the collected data, defines the customer picture. In addition to identifying potential users, the size of their purchases and the problems to be solved, the decision path, speed of purchase fulfillment and content consumption are determined.It Consulting Escola

What results do IT consulting services bring?

The path starting with an idea and ending with the app is the easier to follow, the more refined the idea is. A clear vision of the final solution, allows you to carefully plan the entire development process. This will help you avoid setbacks, and the whole project will end with a successful implementation.

Above all, the knowledge you will gain from consulting is an essential input for effective action at the next stages of the project implementation process.