Escola means “school” in Portuguese. We chose this name because we believe that through effective education, we can achieve more. Our mission is to support educational processes. Through the use of modern technology, we revolutionize the ways in which knowledge is transmitted, integrating the fields of education and technology.

Our EdTech projects are innovative solutions, tools, and platforms that support education processes. Learning management software based on the innovative Headless architecture is one of our key products.

In 2022, we received an award from the Minister of Education and Science for the project “PE with AWF", which was implemented for the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw.

We have a team of outstanding experts in education, who provide the necessary knowledge to implement even the most complex issues. Our team includes, among others, Artur Kobos, Dr. Maciej Madzinski and Dr. Krzysztof Wojewodzic—experts with extensive experience who combine their expertise in education with a passion for education. They provide the necessary knowledge to implement even the most complex issues.

By working with us, you can count on the support of experts to take full advantage of the potential that technology brings to education, which will translate into the success of your project.

Our Experts

Our relationship with educational technology is no accident. We have a strong background in teaching through staff who co-create educational projects in addition to developing technology.

Doctor Krzysztof Wojewodzic

Has been developing educational projects for 20 years. Author of the first web-based textbook approved by the Ministry of Education in Poland and an app with one million downloads. Founder of Fun English with tenfold growth in 2 years. Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence at Kozminski University. As one of the largest EdTech specialists in the country, he knows how to reach your full potential in education.


Our EdTech solution

EdTech Escola is a cutting-edge LMS that uses headless technology to provide highly flexible e-learning services. As a result, each platform uses the same backend, constantly updated and scalable, while having its own unique user interface tailored to the specifics of each project. 

This solution allows us to create dedicated e-learning platforms for universities and other educational institutions in a short period of time. The platforms are created from ready-made components, the customization, and configuration of which reduces the cost of implementation. You get a person-centered and professional e-learning platform with a tested and secure backend code.

Artur Kobos

Artur has been active in e-learning for 5 years and is an LMS expert at Vistula University. He specializes in managing content creation processes and embedding them in platforms. He worked 2 years as an administrator of the EdTech platform at Escola. He is an advanced methodologist who will make your education platform a success.


Artificial Intelligence in EdTech

As we develop our LMS platform, we are implementing a project subsidized by European Funds to “ Recommendation engine development”.  

As part of the EU project, we are developing an interactive training generator. The Artificial Intelligence of our generator will be able to create content much more tailored to the needs of learners and educators. This means advanced tests, h5p exercises, gamification and accurate prompts from lesson developers. The process of producing educational materials will be more efficient, while maintaining the effectiveness of knowledge transfer. By generating interactive content driven by AI, educators will be able to create more engaging and effective training in a short period of time. Our EdTech solutions are constantly innovating for the benefit of your organization.

Our implementations

At Escola S.A., we develop innovative EdTech-related solutions that improve our clients' educational processes. Here are two examples of our solutions:

E-learning platform for the Academy of Physical Education

Our client needed a professional student activity monitoring platform that would allow registration of tens of thousands of users and efficient content management. The entire implementation had to be completed within the set deadline and to the highest standards.


  • More than 60,000 users.
  • Function to create multiple learning paths for teachers and students.
  • Easy-to-use interface for managing courses and workshops nationwide.

Startup Academy

Startup Academy received EU funding for an easy-to-use and intuitive LMS that would allow us to automate as much of the work involved in running an online education business as possible. We created a platform tailored to individual needs, allowing the complete transfer of the business to the virtual world.

Startup Academy

  • Arrange and pay for live expert consultations.
  • Organize and coordinate registrations for onsite conferences and online events.
  • Ability to create materials and conduct classes through collaborating organizations.
  • Run accelerator programs.

Advantages of our approach

We not only develop educational technologies, but also support our clients in creating effective and engaging online training courses. We advise on technology, strategy, planning and methodology. Our solution lets you make your own e-learning system in just a few weeks. This will save you time and money in the long run. 

We offer unlimited customization and integration with other systems, so we can tailor your platform to meet your organization's individual needs and goals.

Our EdTech uses the latest technologies, such as headless architecture and block-based backend, to ensure quality and performance on any device. Your platform will work just as well on a smartphone, tablet, computer, HHT or smartwatch. We are creating the future of e-learning by making sense of the technology behind it.

Robert Rachwał

Robert is the creator of the renowned training and LMS platforms: myVOD and Wellms. As CEO of Escola LMS since October 2021, he has extensive experience in the technology and education sectors. With his knowledge and practice, Robert knows exactly how to design edTech platforms that will be successful.


Why EdTech

Discover how our EdTech technology (Headless LMS) can help your organization achieve better results. Our solution is not just a platform, it's a tool that gives you full control over the content and form of your training. With our LMS you can:

  • Save time and money on training. The efficiency of educational technology allows you to reduce the costs and time associated with traditional teaching methods. 
  • Standardize training processes and quality. Offer a consistent solution that allows you to ensure a uniform level of knowledge and skills across your organization.
  • Scale the platform as your organization grows. Our technology allows you  support any number of users and content. And as your organization grows, you can easily add more modules.
  • Increase the speed and efficiency of training. The Learning Management System (LMS) is a swift solution that enables the delivery of training on demand and at any location. 
  • Increase the reach of your education to global. With our technology, you can deliver knowledge anywhere in the world and on any device. 
  • Ensure the security of your organization's data and knowledge. The platform protects your information from unauthorized access and use.
  • Customize the platform to suit your goals and needs.
    The Headless LMS is a versatile tool that enables you to easily and swiftly modify and alter the platform in accordance with your preferences. 
  • Personalize training for each user. A customized solution that allows you to tailor training to each employee's profile and preferences.

Who EdTech is for

We support teaching and learning processes, both in traditional educational institutions and in other organizations. Learning platforms for many types of organizations, such as:

  • Companies - LMS platform, helps organize and conduct onboarding, training and courses for employees, customers, and partners. With the aid of educational technology, it is feasible to easily tailor the content and format of training to meet the requirements and preferences of the audience, and to monitor the progress and efficacy of the training.
  • Universities - The solution supports the teaching process, communicating with students and lecturers, creating and sharing educational materials, organizing exams and grading student work. With our solution they can also enrich their educational offer with online courses, blended learning or MOOCs (massive open online courses).
  • Language schools - Edtech supports language teaching and learning, both in and out of the classroom. Our Educational platform allow you to access a variety of language resources, such as dictionaries, textbooks, games, apps, and videos. It's also about customizing the level and pace of learning to meet individual learners' needs and goals.
  • NGOs - We support non-governmental organizations in achieving their social and educational objectives, employing a variety of individualized modules (an example of implementation: exchanging points earned during training to support environmental initiatives available on the platform) IIt's also a way to reach people who have limited access to education, such as due to distance, poverty or disability. Technology can also be used to engage volunteers and donors in the organization's activities.

Edtech is not just about technology, but also about the way we think about education. At Escola, we think of innovations that change the way we teach and learn for the better.

Mateusz Wojczal

Full-stack developer with 14 years of experience in PHP, JavaScript and ActionScript. He led Qunabu Interactive, now Escolasoft, as CTO since 2011. He is fluent in communicating with international teams and is an expert in React, Laravel and SilverStripe. A professional who will bring value to your edTech project from the technology side.


Scale up learning with EdTech

We offer innovative solutions to expand your business and reach more people.

Our technology allows any organization to deliver materials and educate people from all over the world online. Regardless of where your learners are - at home, on the road or on another continent - they will always be able to continue learning.

With our LMS, you'll reach people outside your local area, increasing your potential customer base. Furthermore, your learners will be able to study at any time and anywhere, giving them more flexibility and convenience.

EdTech - the future of education

Our team includes people with deep experience in educational technology. This allows us to create solutions that are modern and consistent with the direction of innovation. What's more, Escola's business specialists are people who understand the way technology and business drive together. This is how we make business sense of educational technology.