IT Project Management

Project handling

The entire IT project cycle focuses on creating a solution that will meet business objectives and respond to the needs of users. However, what is very important, the finished software is to serve not only in its final version, but for a long time.


During this time many factors may change, which may affect the needs with respect to the application. In this context, the way of working with the application may change, new needs may appear, or it may be necessary to adapt it to new devices and operating systems versions.

What is the scope of services included in project management?

Within the scope of project maintenance there are a few activities that are worth implementing from the very beginning. This will keep the application running smoothly and also give it the confidence to operate in a changing environment. These include:

  • incident response and remediation;
  • proactive system care, i.e. tracking technologies used in applications and proposing necessary/recommended by producers changes;
  • review and analysis of logs with conclusions;
  • periodic reports, for example quarterly reports on the operation of the system or application under supervision;
  • support during compilation and release of new software versions;
  • technological changes, such as upgrading the database version, web server, operating system version;
  • modifications in relation to legal changes directly related to the application.

By implementing such a range of activities from the very beginning you gain the peace of mind that your application will always work without complications.

Advanced project management

The above scope is however the beginning of possibilities. As part of project handling you can ensure the security and reliability of the program on a broader level. In this scope, you can take advantage of capabilities such as:

  • modifications of the application, when the third-party provider implements a new configuration;
  • replacement of graphical elements, descriptions and other content;
  • minor implementation changes;
  • consultations and analysis of system errors, and even the entire flow process.

These additional services fully complement the needs that a running application most often encounters.

Who is physically responsible for project management?

Within the scope of project maintenance, a part of our team is available on call. We determine at what times changes and reactions to reported incidents will take place, and at that time there will always be people available to help solve the problem.

Project maintenance is not only about ensuring the smooth operation of the application. It is also a current observation of its operation and real usage, which is an excellent input for the future stage of consulting on the development of the program.