AI - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the key technologies shaping the modern business world. Thanks to advanced algorithms, machine learning, and big data analysis, AI can optimize processes, increase efficiency, and drive innovation across all sectors of the economy. Implementing solutions based on artificial intelligence can bring many benefits, such as reducing costs, better understanding customer needs or improving decision-making.

At Escola, we have a team of outstanding experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence who provide the necessary knowledge to implement even the most complex issues. Our team includes Prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska, PhD Maciej Madzinski and PhD Krzysztof Wojewodzic - specialists with diverse experience who combine theoretical knowledge with a practical approach to the field of AI. By working with us, you can count on the support of our experts to fully exploit the potential of AI, which will translate into the success of your project.

Our AI Solutions

We provide innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence, including machine learning, natural language processing, data analytics, and image recognition. Our services help clients across industries increase efficiency and competitiveness with personalized AI solutions. When you work with us, you get access to the latest technologies and support from our experts in implementation and project management.


"Today, artificial intelligence is playing a key role in the development of mobile solutions, transforming the way we design and develop applications. The use of technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and image recognition allows us to create intelligent and efficient tools that better respond to users' needs, increase their engagement, and add value to the applications they use." - Prof. Aleksandra Przegalinska

At Escola S.A. we develop innovative AI-related solutions to improve our clients' business processes. Here are two examples of our work:

An application to monitor refrigeration equipment in a grocery store chain

We developed an application that uses AI and machine learning to monitor refrigeration equipment in a grocery store chain. The application allows us to quickly identify problems and generate savings. By taking systematic measurements, reducing response times to malfunctions and preventing food waste, both the grocery chain and its customers gain added value.

Application for energy company Innogy

We worked with Innogy to develop an application using machine learning algorithms that delivered a number of improvements for the company and its customers. The application enabled the company to save money on meter replacement and technician salaries, saving thousands of man-hours. In turn, customers gained the ability to add meter status themselves without the need for a technician visit, increasing their security, especially in times of pandemic.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to develop advanced mobile applications that help businesses effectively manage processes, automate tasks, and analyze data. This enables our clients to achieve higher levels of efficiency, competitiveness and user satisfaction.

PhD Krzysztof Wojewodzic, an expert in raising funds for AI projects, emphasizes this:

"Investing in projects that incorporate elements of artificial intelligence not only brings significant time and cost savings, but also opens up new opportunities for companies that want to stay at the forefront of innovation in their industry."


Over the years, we have developed the experience and expertise to help our clients at every stage of developing intelligent AI-based solutions.

Optimizing business with AI

Artificial Intelligence offers companies a wide range of opportunities to streamline and optimize their business. At Escola SA, we use AI to create advanced solutions such as personalizing customer offers, predicting demand, detecting anomalies in data, and automating processes. With these solutions, companies can significantly improve their efficiency, speed of response to market changes, and customer satisfaction.

Dr. Maciej Madzinski, an expert on the digital transformation of enterprises, points out that:


"AI is rapidly becoming a key element in shaping the future of business. Companies that integrate artificial intelligence into their strategies will gain a sustainable competitive advantage. AI also makes it possible to optimize business processes quickly and efficiently. As a result, companies that put AI to work for both competitive advantage and operational excellence are adapting to a dynamically changing environment."

How to Start an AI - Artificial Intelligence Project

To start an AI application project, it is crucial to conduct a workshop to understand the problems and expectations of the users. These steps are important to identify the areas where AI can bring the most benefit, as well as to develop a strategy and plan for implementing the appropriate solutions.

Kamil Grzejek, business consulting and AI solutions expert at Escola SA, points out:


"The first step in implementing an AI project is to understand the customer's specifics, problems, and goals. A business workshop is a great opportunity to jointly develop a strategy, identify key functionalities and select the right technologies. This allows us to provide the highest quality of service and deliver solutions that contribute to business growth through project success.

We offer comprehensive support at every stage of the project - from needs analysis, design and implementation to long-term support and maintenance of the application.

AI - Artificial Intelligence for Business

Escola's team of experts includes people with deep experience in machine learning, natural language processing, data analysis and image recognition. This allows us to create solutions that are modern and in line with the direction of technological development. What's more, Escola's business specialists are people who understand how technology and business work together. That's why we create business success for our clients with modern solutions.

If you want to realize the potential of artificial intelligence in your business, contact us. Together we will develop a strategy that will allow your company to reach higher levels of efficiency, innovation and competitiveness!