Web Application Development

What is a web application? It's the answer to combining the functionality of a mobile app with the accessibility of a website. With this combination, you will reach a wide audience while offering them a range of advanced options.

However, designing web applications is different from creating websites and mobile applications. Therefore, get the support of an experienced team.

When is web app development the best solution?

Like any solution, a web application has its pros and cons. The biggest advantage of this type of application is accessibility for users. The technology used in web applications allows it to be opened on any device that has a web browser.

An example of web applications can be advanced product configurators. Car manufacturers provide such capabilities on their websites. The web application is responsible for converting the price and modifying the appearance of the car on the website.

On the other hand, web applications have limitations when implementing advanced and complex features. Availability on so many platforms limits the ability to use all the available technologies.

To utilize the full capabilities offered by web applications, pay attention to your audience. If you need a solution that will be accessible to the maximum range of users, this type of application is the best choice for you.

Web app design

Website and web application development supports companies in achieving their business goals. But how to design web applications so that they are successful?

A web application should have a specific purpose of existence. Take into consideration the results you want to achieve with it. This will ensure that the entire process is centered around creating a solution that fits your business.

An ideal support in developing an idea for a web application are design workshops. Thanks to them you will gain complete knowledge about how to achieve your goals with a web application. What is more, the final result of the workshop is the documentation which describes your project in detail in terms of business and functionalities.

Web app – technologies

Why are technologies in the context of web apps important to the success of the overall project? In this case, the question refers to programming languages, and many people ask themselves:

What to write web apps in?

Choosing the right technology affects:

  • the functional capabilities of the application, 
  • complexity of the programming process,
  • availability of options for application development in the future.

This is another decision that is perfectly supported during design workshops. During them, Escola experts will advise the technology that meets your requirements. 


Framework for developing web apps which gives great opportunities both in the context of building applications and creating dependencies. This makes it possible to achieve results at a high level.

Moreover, it is a technology that is perfect for handling databases. It is also a framework that makes available the possibility of developing a web app in the future.


When web app development requires very broad capabilities and a technology that has been proven over the years, Python comes with the answer. It is a programming language that has been used in many market-leading web applications.


What makes PHP7 stand out in terms of web app development is the ability to add scripts easily. This is especially important if you plan to develop your app with additional features.


Scripts, which enhance an app with additional features and capabilities are an essential part of a good program. JavaScript allows you to create advanced scripts which allow you to implement extensive capabilities into your web application.

How a good web app is created

Guarantee of success in creating websites and web apps is a well-developed concept.

Thanks to it, we will jointly determine the needs of the project. Moreover, we will create the scope of the project based on the possibilities offered by the available web application technologies.

The best way to start implementing your web app idea is to discuss it together. Start now!