Web and mobile app design

Why is the layout of an app so important in the development process? By anticipating the habits, routines and cognitive skills of your users, you will create an application that they will realistically use. The history of software knows many cases of great programs that failed to gain popularity, due to an interface that was difficult to use.

What is mobile application design?

Software design nowadays is a separate field of science that incorporates elements of psychology and cognitive science in combination with graphic design. A good specialist is able to design an application in such a way that a user who is using it for the first time will easily find and use all the functions, without having to think about their placement or functioning.

In the design of mobile applications, it is not only the layout of the individual elements that matters, but also the graphic elements used, animations and paths through the successive functionalities of the application.

At Escola, we support you at every step of mobile and web application design. An organized team of specialists provides invaluable support throughout the design process. As a result, you will get a well-designed application, avoid the failure of your project and win the favor of users.

Where to start web and mobile app design?

Whether you are going to design a mobile app or a web app, the first step on the design path is to collect the necessary data.

The data you provide us is critical to the correct execution of the application design process. Thanks to them, Escola specialists can adjust the individual elements of the program to the specifics of the user. Having a set of information, we tailor the application to the possibilities arising from the age, specificity and place of work with the software, as well as the capabilities and expectations of users.

It is also worth paying attention to the type of application being designed. Each type of program places different demands on the user and requires a different way of matching the interface to the device on which your app will be operated.

Mobile application design

We develop applications used on mobile devices with small screen and handheld operation in mind. The touch screens of devices offer varied user experience. Therefore, the support of specialists who will match the necessary functions of the application to the capabilities of the device and the behavior of users is invaluable in the process of project implementation.

Web app design

In the case of web applications, the design issue is definitely more complex. Often this type of application should offer usability on both mobile devices and computer screens. Therefore, designing the interface and functionality requires predicting the behavior of not only users of one platform, but also responding to the needs of a much wider audience.

In this case, as application design specialists, we support your project both in the context of use on phones and computers. As a result, you are assured that the users of your application will easily use its capabilities, regardless of the device.

Is app design just graphic design?

Designing mobile apps, as well as web apps, includes elements of graphic design. However, the main task of this stage of application development is to fit the required functionality into the software interface. Functional capabilities of an application do not guarantee its success, in order for your audience to want to use the program, you need to design it so that the functions are available to them in an intuitive way.

We work to guarantee you that the graphical side of the application will provide users with the functionalities offered by it in an intuitive way.

Designing mobile and web apps – the end result

The process of designing an application first of all results in the creation of a visualization that describes itself the necessary functionality. In graphic form, visualizations of specific screens, windows or animations that will appear in the program are presented.

After the design stage is completed, both in the case of mobile and web applications, we will show you a realistic reflection of the final version of your idea. This allows you to verify the technological and usability possibilities and compare them with your needs.