Mobile app for Flugger Polska

The Fiona Wall Design® allows customers visiting Flugger's trade show stands to easily match colors to Fiona wallpaper designs.



Flügger is one of the world's leading manufacturers of interiour paints, wallpapers, exterior paints, wood preservatives and many other interior finishing materials. The market leader in Denmark. The company's retail chain currently consists of about 155 outlets in Denmark and almost 400 in total - in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Iceland, and China. The company's history in Denmark dates back to 1890. Flugger also provides professional consulting and sales to individual customers. Flügger's Polish retail chain has 57 own stores.

The goal of the project was to design and develop an application that would allow customers visiting Flugger's trade show booths to easily select wallpaper colors. 

The client wanted a simple solution that would allow the creation of a custom wallpaper in 3 steps.

Due to the fact that the application was going to be used at foreign fairs, different language versions were necessary, as well as such preparation of the application that it would work smoothly and responsively even with a weak internet connection and on 40" TVs. The project also required the creation of customized graphic layers so that the user could completely personalize the wallpaper. In addition, Flugger's policy required the project to be Azzure-based.

At Flugger, we place great emphasis on aesthetics. Therefore, in addition to strict technical requirements, we also wanted it to be transparent and match our brand, and the customer could comfortably adjust the wallpaper to their preferences - says Marta Ciesielska, Marketing Manager from Flugger Poland.




We suggested developing the application using Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology, so it can also be accessed via a browser on trade show booths, which is crucial for its responsiveness, and be displayed on exhibition monitors.

We used appropriate scaling of the graphics so that they would display freely on a weak connection - says Daniel Parzych from Escola S.A. - When designing the application, we took into account the scenarios in which it would be used. Following the client's guidelines, we provided the user with a quick 3-step path to configure the wallpaper.

We designed the application to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. All you have to do is select one of the wallpaper designs and then choose the colors. 

At the beginning, the user learns the history of the Fiona brand in the form of an animation and the basic rules of configuration. The so-called onboarding does not occur in the trade show version of the app.

Selecting a color scheme is done in a few steps and is easy as a piece of cake: after entering the selected wallpaper pattern, the user can choose colors from a full color palette.

An important part of visualizing the tested color is the wallpaper preview mode against the background of the room. This allows an initial evaluation of the color scheme. The user can choose from 4 different interiors: kitchen, living room, children's room, and bedroom.

Key features of the app:

  • dividing the wallpaper into 4 layers with the possibility of changing the color of each layer separately,
  • zooming in and out of the wallpaper pattern,
  • visualization of the wallpaper in the room,
  • generating a .jpg file of the wallpaper color preview with the possibility of sending it to your own e-mail

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